What you should do to decrease hunter death rate?

If you are a hunter in wow, you can have the ability to tame pets which can save your life in countless occasions.

It is helpful to boost your DPS and increase damage per second. In addition, you can use an increased agility scroll to increase your DPS when there is no Death Knight in your group. Learn to attack enemies from a distance. This is important—don’t stand too close to a boss. During the very short-range fight, you can increase the DPS and conserve your mana at the same time. A trap you set on the ground can stay put for one minute, and it will be activated when a mob comes within range. Remember, you don’t have to “play dead” for very long, even couple of seconds can be enough to take the battle situation around.

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Reading an awesome book

Goodkind is an awesome book in my view, here are some proofs:

The Omen Machine awakens to begin issuing a series of increasingly alarming, if minor, omens. The omens turn out to be astonishingly accurate, and ever more ominous. As catastrophe approaches, the machine then reveals that it is within its power to withdraw the omen… in exchange for an impossible demand. New elements of magic are introduced this time around and the plot travels at a much faster pace than previous instalments. But Goodkind uses prophecy differently in this story. It is refreshing and unique, and I soon found myself eating my own opinion. Prophecy can be pulled off… if done well.

After all, the story is more about plot than character development.

Runescape Chatwing will go full-scale

In order to keep the Chatwing chat box stable, the developer team would create a series of maintenance checks. Chatwing will go full-scale and introduce more and more features to the Runescape community.

Thousands of people from all over the world are registering in the game and planning to engage in gold-hoarding, adventuring, and dungeon exploration. Chatwing’s free chat box can be installed in any Runescape blog because it operates on a simple platform. While those runescape players who buying runescape accounts can share their experience of gathering equipments, riches, items and how to sell rs accounts across the realm. There is another feature—direct link option, which allows RS users to create their usernames for private group chats.

So, runescape players can have a better experience by Chatwing’s latest chat box.

Dragon Slayer is usually the last quest in runescape for F2P

Dragon Slayer is usually the last quest that free players embark on. So, not all the players can have the chance to confront it. Here I will talk about the steps to complete this hard quest with your cheap runescape accounts.


If you can finish this long and rewarding battlet, you will become one of the most powerful players in the game world. Go to the Champion’s Guild outside of Varrock. Find the guild master and speak to him, you will get a task go see Oziach at Edgeville. Talk to the Guild Master again to get a key to Melzar’s Maze. Kill some rats to get a red key after entering the maze south of Falador. Talk to the Oracle at Ice Mountain, and then you can get the second map piece from the chest in there. Buy the third map piece from Wormbrain in the Port Sarim jail.

This quest is the hardest in the runescape if you aren’t a member, you are also must be high level. To save time, remember that farmer100 has awesome runescape accounts for sale.

Tips for some awesome runescape quests

There are some quests lists that are regarded as the most challenging quests in runescape. Runescape accounts for sale is a good choice for you!


The Void Stares Back is followed with the quests “Wolf Whistle”, “A Void Dance” and “Quiet before the Swarm”. You must have completed the quest “King’s Ransom,” the Soul Wars Tutorial, the Knight Waves Training Ground and one game of Soul Wars. Players will encounter monsters at levels between 60 and 89, and the final fight is against a monster at level 599. Monsters that players will encounter in the final battles are against a level 454 and a 450.

So you can not choose to complete these hard quests if you are still at low level. Why not buying runescape accounts at high level?